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Moonbeam Bay Complete Series Bundle (EBOOKS)

Moonbeam Bay Complete Series Bundle (EBOOKS)

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Do you like to binge-read a complete series? Here's your chance!

Get all six ebooks in the Moonbeam Bay series for one special price! The complete series! On sale for a limited time for just $28.99.

This offer is NOT available anywhere else!

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What's included in the download? The download includes these 6 ebooks:

The Parker Women

The Parker Cafe

A Heather Parker Original

The Parker Family Secret

Grace Parker's Peach Pie

The Perks of Being a Parker

Just a heads up! 😄These are downloads of digital ebooks, *not paperbacks.*

"Once you start reading them you can’t stop." - Facebook Review ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

"Make sure you get the whole set. Because you will want to go right to the next one. Great books." - Amazon Review ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

What's this series about?

Meet the Parker Women…

Get to know Donna and Evelyn, two sisters who live in the small coastal town of Moonbeam. Donna runs Parker General store, a shop that has been in their family for generations. She’d do anything—almost anything—to keep it up and running.

Their daughters, Olivia and Heather, are more than cousins, they are best friends and know each other’s secrets. Or do they?

Then there is the matriarch of the family, Patricia. She’s rather—difficult.

Throw in gossipy Jenkins twins and the grand re-opening of The Cabot Hotel for a series full of delightful twists and turns.


Did you know there's a spin-off series of Moonbeam Bay? Add the Blue Heron Inn Complete Collection now to save and binge both series for one special price!

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Donna and Evelyn, two fifty-something sisters in the quaint beach town of Moonbeam. Donna is sure Evelyn is hiding something. But Evelyn insisted she isn’t…

Their grown daughters, Olivia and Heather. They grew up together and know everything about each other… or do they?

Then there is the ever-critical matriarch of the family, Patricia. She has a secret of her own—and it’s a doozy!

Throw in the gossipy Jenkins twins and the grand reopening of The Cabot Hotel for a series full of delightful twists and turns.

Read the heartwarming saga of The Parker Women, their friends, and family in the Moonbeam Bay series.

"This series will have you hooked in no time!" 📚

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Heather Parker slowly walked up the long circle drive to her parents’ house. Maybe her mother wouldn’t be here and she could just leave a message with the housekeeper that she’d stopped by… She sighed. But if that happened, she’d still have to make time to come see her later.

She rang the doorbell and her mother opened the door, surprise showing on her face. “Oh… Heather.”
Equal surprise probably showed on her own face at her mother answering the door instead of the housekeeper.

“Hi, Mom.” She walked past her mother into the impressive two-story foyer. She glanced over at the large stack of boxes against one wall in the usually spotless foyer. “What’s that?”

“Oh… nothing. Just getting rid of a few things.”

She didn’t miss the slight look of guilt on her mother’s face. Maybe her mom felt guilty about all the stuff she bought and now was trying to dispose of. All the things that she just had to have. The constant shopping expeditions. The paintings and art pieces precisely placed in the house. The furniture that was never the same any time she came to visit. Really, how many times could one person replace a couch?

“I was nearby and I thought I’d stop by.” She got the distinct feeling her mother wasn’t very thrilled about her visit. “Do you want me to come back another time?”

Her mother’s look rested briefly on the tower of boxes. “No, of course not. I’m glad to see you. Come have some tea out on the patio with me. Go on out. I’ll get the tea.”

Her mother came out with a tray with a pitcher of tea, glasses full of ice, a small plate of lemon slices, and another plate of some kind of fancy pastries. She might let the cook put dinner on the table and the housekeeper run the house, but her mother knew how to bake. She was always making some kind of scrumptious recipe, usually one passed down for generations in their family. Alas, she hadn’t inherited the baking gene from her mother.

Her mother sank gracefully down on a chair and she plopped down on a seat beside her with recently recovered cushions—she was certain this was a new pattern than last time she was here—and picked up her glass of sweet tea.

“So, are you here for long this time?” her mother asked in her perfect polite-society voice.

“I’m not sure. For a while.” She looked over at her mom. “Is… is Father here?”

Her mother averted her eyes, suddenly very interested in her tea. “Ah… no. He’s away.”

She hid her sigh of relief. The last thing she wanted was to run into her father.

“When is he returning?” If she was smart and lucky, she’d get out of Moonbeam before then.

“I— I’m not certain.”

She frowned slightly. That wasn’t like her mother. Her mother had a planner and things written in it at least a year out. She always knew exactly when her father was returning and no doubt had planned a half-dozen social dinners for them.

“So, where are you headed next?” Her mother changed the subject.

“I’m not sure. Maybe a cabin in the mountains for a bit. Do some hiking.” She wanted to draw a series of illustrations of a woman hiking in the mountains, sitting by streams, sitting on the front porch of a cabin. The character would be reading. Enjoying herself. Discovering nature. Different than her usual beachy illustrations.

As usual, her mother made no mention of her art, nor did she ask any questions about it. Fine. That was fine by her. Really fine. Just very, very fine.

She set her tea down and the ice cubes rattled against the sides of the glass. “I can’t stay long…”

“That’s okay. I have a meeting I need to go to soon.”

That sounded more like her mother. Probably arranging some event with The Ladies Club. Planning a charity gala. Arranging catering for a party. Her mother was nothing if not the master at planning events.

She stood. “Well, I should let you get to it then.”

Her mother rose gracefully from her chair. “I’m glad you stopped by. Will I see you again before you leave town?”

“Sure, Mom. I’m sure you will.” She headed down the stairs off the patio to the walkway around the outside of the house. She looked back just before she turned the corner and saw her mother just standing there on the expansive patio, looking out at the bay.

Her mother didn’t seem like herself today. But then, she didn’t really know her mother anymore, did she?

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    "You truly feel like you know the characters in her books and are best friends with them! " - Susie
    "Captivating from the first page....I can't put my kindle down...gotta finish the book ❤️ - Maria
    "I just Binged the whole series and they are so good.  If you haven’t read them do it, you won’t be disappointed" - Facebook reviewer
    "She is my favorite author. I own every book she has written." -Facebook reviewer